Saturday, October 4, 2008

The One Thing No One Can Say---

in this election campaign is we've done something(s) awful, damaging and destroying people, for no good reason. Full stop. Then, having let that sink in, maybe we were deluded, we didn't know, we were careless, we meant well, we've done good things too---all that matters as well, but it doesn't undo anything.
How burdensome is it not to be able to say and mean you're sorry?
How would you like to be married to someone who can't say and mean (s)he is sorry, or trapped in a personality that can't?
Unable, then, to get to the tragic part---


Michael Bader said...

Well, we'll only have to apologize if we don't mobilize a mass movement AFTER obama is elected to help him move toward his highest ideals--unlike Clinton in 1992, no?

Neil Altman's blog said...

I meant to point out the way we as a country have to feel that we're only good and benevolent. Its unacceptable in the political discourse to suggest that we have done anything damaging to ourselves or to the rest of the world. Such a suggestion could and would be portrayed as unpatriotic and defeatist. We are thus deprived of the opportunity to reflect and grieve, as a nation.

Neil Altman's blog said...

On the other hand, I agree that even if Obama is elected, one task will have been completed, while another will just be beginning. There will be a strong need to advocate for the poor and disenfranchised in particular, since he keeps addressing the "middle class" and has not distanced himself from "US-centrism"